Meet the Clique

Meet the clique

Founder and person who loves food

Hi. I am Vee and I love cooking almost as much as I love to eat. The challenge of what to do with last few carrots, a sprig of rosemary and half an onion gets my analytical brain on the same path as trying to figure out what went wrong at the end of Game of Thrones.

As I consumer, I have been conditioned to believe that spending more means that I am getting better quality and wasting less. While this may hold true for some retailers, I found that we need not choose between quality and value for money. My primary inspiration came from my involvement in a research project on farming, food-supply and the plight of small farmers.

My other inspiration is food and farmers’ markets. From Paris’s St. Germain market or our weekly markets around Joburg, I often found myself wishing that I could just wonder around aimlessly and get someone else to actually shop, which is why I still found myself at the convenient retailers on my way home from work or on precious week ends.

Thanks to online shopping, we have that convenience, but freshness can be a gamble since one cannot personally  search the back of the shelf. The promise and guarantee of farm-to-fork, freshness and value for money are all needed more than ever.

So there we have it…The Farm-Fresh Clique, cutting down shelf-time and middle-person costs by personally sourcing naturally-grown produce from the best farmers and delivery to the consumer the very next day. 

In addition to our various local farmers, our online market also hosts a spice merchant, a 100% juice maker and a chef. 

Communicate with me on or whatsapp us on 072 074 6892. 

Mira, the spice merchant

Namaste, I am Mira and am part of a family-run spice company, that has been in business for four generations, spanning over 100 years. We continue in the proud tradition of sourcing the best spices from around the world so that your life always has flavour. The spices we use are so much more than just flavour. Each seed, every powder and the combinations were traditionally used for their health and healing benefits as well. It is a happy coincidence that they also happen to create the most memorable dishes that excite and comfort. Visit us on and pop into our stores when you are in Durban.

Rugani Juices

This amazing, family run farm and business needs no introduction if you are a fan of 100%, preservative-free, sugar-free, concentrate-free juice made from fresh fruit and veggies. Their manufacturing process is one-of-it’s kind and they are fast becoming a household name. Read more about them on

Carina, Rollin’ Fresh

Ola, I am chef Carina. I am pastry chef, based in Johannesburg and of Portuguese decent which means I love sweet and spicy. My biggest joy is to see the smiles of people enjoying a good meal. I love working with fresh and natural ingredients. I also believe in small indulgences and decadent flavours. It’s just how we Roll. Visit us on Facebook at Rollin’ Fresh and on Instagram at rollinfresh9 or email me on

Kazi Farms

Thendo and his team are that shining example of what a small farmer can do with dedication and commitment to quality. They operate a farm in Magalisburg and use innovate farming methods. They are also pioneers in the roof-top farming movement that is helping other small growers to earn income while using urban space. Read about them on

Other suppliers

Lension SA suppliers of bio-compostable Bao Bags.

Greenhome, suppliers of clear bio-compostable packets

The Farm Fresh Clique
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