Who We Are

Who we are

If there is one thing that we South Africans have in common, it is our love of good food. From the humble braai to the experimental foodies, we take pride in our dinner tables. South Africa is blessed with an abundance of high-quality fresh produce and a tapestry of food cultures that has resulted in a very sophisticated pallet.

At the same time, we have become very aware of the need to eat-healthy and to know where our food is coming from.  These are our rights as consumers and supporters of the local market. We should not have to pay a premium for great quality and ethically-sourced food.

We formed The Farm-Fresh Clique in 2020 to create a “farm-to-fork” business so that you can have access to fresh produce directly from the farmer at lower prices. In doing so, you are also supporting our local farmers and other small-medium businesses. While not all these farmers have official “organic-grower” certification, their practices follow the guidelines that ensure natural goodness with no harm and modification.

Since we value your time, we also offer you the full shopping experience with spices; a bakery; dairy; beverages and cook-at-home meals so that you need not bother with multiple orders or shop-visits.

What we stand for

Respect for your budget: Our prices will speak for themselves. The benefits we get from direct-sourcing and immediate delivery are transferred to you. We cater for households from the bachelor pad to larger family units with the same fair pricing. We do not place unnecessary premiums on smaller quantities.

Highest quality, lowest wastage:  The time from the farm to your doorstep is never more than 48 hours so your produce will last without the intervention of modification or synthetic substances. Our prices and package-options allow you to buy only what you need. We have pledged to donate our damaged produce to dehydrators and anti-landfill movements. We use our own products.

Love of food:  We encourage you to experiment with flavour and enjoy home-cooked meals. Our product range was designed with this in mind.

Respect for your time: We will soon include a few basic, off-the-shelf items for your convenience. As this is not our core business, we have opted to bring you the known dairy and shop-bread brands. We hope to become more adventurous with our cheese selection soon, but in the meantime, you should not have to place multiple orders for other basic food items.

Respect for the earth that feeds us: All the packaging for our fresh produce is bio-compostable. This is a step ahead of bio-gradable. Read about Bao Bags and Greenhome who are our suppliers. Unfortunately, we are not 100% plastic free yet. Our food packaging is recyclable plastic to ensure freshness and protection during delivery.

Reliable delivery: Our deliveries are done by professional owner-drivers who make use of the uber platform. You will be sent a message informing you of when your order is on route with an approximate time of delivery.

The Farm Fresh Clique
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